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Helping You Move Well for Life with Personal Training

Personal TrainingChloe has been qualified as a Personal Trainer for longer than she has been a Sports Massage Therapist, and because the fitness industry is so focused on aesthetics rather than genuine movement, Chloe did not feel well placed to help the right people until she found Sports Massage.

She is very passionate about helping people move, and to move well, so they can enjoy their lives to the full.
Chloe specialises in beginners to fitness and movement, gym confidence, and training you after an injury or around an issue.

The issue can be anything from scoliosis to a meniscus tear, a hip retroversion, or simply regaining strength after a period of inactivity because of ill health.

Personal TrainingDesk working and menopause are particular issues which raise so many pain problems, and Chloe enjoys finding practical solutions for you within your training and everyday life, including recommendations on a range of items to aid improvement in your life.

Kinesiophobia, the fear of movement due to pain or reoccurring injuries, is also something that Chloe understands and can work at your pace to resolve. Support for every level of ability is high on Chloe’s priority list, as it is the one thing that will aid you at every stage of life as well as rescue you from many of life’s little challenges.

Spotting something within your movement patterns, or within how your live your life, is something Chloe excels at, and which will aid you to understand and reach each little step needed to make positive changes.

Chloe also provides home gym consultations to help you design the best home gym for your needs.

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