Are You Paying into Your Physical PensionHello and welcome to my first blog in March – Are You Paying into Your Physical Pension? Hopefully this is the last full month of national lockdown. Yep, that’s right, we can all start getting back to normal next month, woohoo! And that means, massages could well be back on the menu too, so that’s an even bigger WOOHOOOOOOO!

But right now, I am here to talk about your Physical Pension. What’s that, I hear you ask? And no, it is not a personal medical insurance policy nor an actual pension.

You probably already have a traditional pension; you might even pay into every month with your employer matching your contributions so that you can look after your financial future in your old age. But what will the state of your body be by the time you get to retire and enjoy spending that pension?

Will it be strong and fit like the amazing 84-year-old Ernestine Shepherd as pictured? Or weak and crumbling like the typical OAP that comes to mind when you think of retirees?

This is not an entirely new subject for me to talk about, but it is one that I believe in passionately and therefore I will talk about it again and again until you are inspired to make changed.

Will that be today?

Much like a real pension, a Physical Pension needs to be contributed with small amounts and on a regular basis. That is the most important aspect of any kind of pension – regularity.

Personal Training is a great way to get started with your contributions if you don’t know where to start, and a great way to keep you motivated. And now that massage is back on the menu for the near future, it can be utilised as a way to recover from new exercise as well as keep injuries at bay.

Thank you for taking time to read today’s blog – Are You Paying into Your Physical Pension? Check out next weeks blog – Physical Pension – Part 2.


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