It’s Never Too Late to StartThink you’re too old to start exercising and looking after your body?

It is never too late to start taking better care of yourself, and it could mean the difference between having an independent and good quality of life in your retirement years and beyond.

But where do you start if you have never really taken care of yourself? Or if you were very fit and active when you were younger, but it has been many decades since you did anything meaningful.

It might hurt to do too much at all, you might get breathless by the end of your street or become exhausted by getting the shopping done and put away. These are all signs that you need to invest a little time in yourself and reap the rewards by being able to keep up with your friends, children, or grandchildren.

First Step

A good first step is addressing any underlying health conditions, if you haven’t already, especially if they might become exacerbated by exercise. Talk to your doctor if you are not sure.

Next, walking is they very best place to start. Walk a little further each week, include a hill here or there, choose different places to visit, take a friend to challenge each other. Or, if that is too much to start, why not take a look in to your local fit steps or seated exercise class?

Fitness videos and DVDs were all the rage in the past, but still hold a lot of relevance today. Find one you like the look of and do the first five minutes. Have a rest, then do five more. Keep doing that until you have managed to finish the whole workout, however long it takes.

If it hurts afterwards, a sports massage could be just the ticket to help you keep going. Why not treat yourself?

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