Hello and welcome to this week’s blog – JUMP into January! – Part Four. It is now the LAST week of January and if you haven’t made a start on your health and fitness new year’s resolutions, or goals, then now is truly a great time to start.

Jump into January and let that jump you into the rest of the year.

How are you going to leave January?

JUMP into January! - Part FourSad and slow because you have yet to jump onto your fitness plans? Or happy and raring to go with all your newfound energy? And you will have newfound energy, because getting fitter increases your metabolism, it can suppress your appetite, so you don’t fill up on junk food which destroys your energy, and you improve your mental health just by moving more. What is not to love about getting fit?

Do not go believing the mainstream media, the newspapers and women’s magazines, that getting fitter is hard work or unenjoyable. Or that you must embark on some ridiculous diet, take a pill, drink just smoothies or juices, or neck pre-workout and protein powders all day long to just see an improvement. Nor should you believe the images touted on social media, often air brushed and photo shopped to provide the look of abs or cellulite free thighs. Take a look at what the images are trying to sell, and you can bet it is some dodgy shortcut to good health, weight loss, or abs. if you want to research some more about this, head over to the following Facebook page, www.facebook.com/jamessmithpt who is debunking all of these things on a daily basis. He also has a book, Not a Diet Book, full of invaluable information.

Getting fitter starts with just one step. Then another. Then a few more when those steps are easier.

Getting fitter and exercise is NOT A PUNISHMENT for what you have eaten, but rather a celebration of what your body can achieve now, for carrying you this far, and for taking your further tomorrow.

Never ever deny yourself the calories you need to survive and exercise.

The number one reason to exercise regularly, in my opinion, is this:

To Be Strong for Your Life

If you like to play with the kids without being exhausted, exercise.

If you want to compete in triathlons, exercise.

If you like to think quicker and respond to work challenges, exercise.

If you want to have energy to do a hobby after work, exercise.

If you want to get promoted at work, exercise.

If you want to look younger and move easily, exercise.

If you want to have confidence in your skin, exercise.

If you want to enter old age gracefully and avoid falls, exercise.

If you want to perform better at a physical hobby or sport, exercise.

If you want to sleep better, exercise.

If you want to love the body you’re in, exercise.

If you want to feel happier, exercise.

And if you want to self-manage mental health issues, then yep, you’ve got it, EXERCISE.

JUMP into January! – Part Four

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