Hello and welcome to the final instalment in my series of blogs – So What’s Your Excuse? About how you are not fragile, and you should just get out there and move your body.

Today I am going to talk about people with different physical abilities, and how they are rocking it in the sports world and don’t let their bodies hold them back. In fact, they use every inch of their body to such great effect, they are far more capable than most of us without any physical barriers.

The Olympics

They may have been impressive to watch, to see the sheer feats that the human body can conquer, but I have always been more drawn to the Paralympics, because right there within every athlete is living proof that the human body is not fragile.

Lost limbs are the most noticeable difference in a lot of athletes, and they have adapted around amputations to continue to achieve in the world of sports. But it does not stop there, there are differences inside some athlete’s bodies too, but they have once again adapted around what is happening to continue to be sports people at the top of their game.

So, What’s Your Excuse?

So What’s Your Excuse?If you are not adjusting around a physical difference to what you think you should have, or were born with, what is your excuse as to why you do not move your body?

I get it, there are days I really do not feel like moving in the way that I had planned. Or moving at all. First, I work out if I need a rest day on top of what I have already taken, maybe I’ve been more stressed, or had more physical load to cope with during the week, or simply can’t be bothered. I then talk myself round to what I could do that won’t exhaust me more or will challenge me because I have been lazy. And if I am still feeling unmotivated, I think of everyone who does not have the ability to get up and move, friends with chronic conditions, family with injuries, and then I go and move my body for them.

You are not fragile, don’t waste it. Movement is medicine, but you need to move to get your dose.

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