Hello and welcome to this week’s blog, Ten Things About Me. I thought that it might be a good idea to reintroduce myself. There are lots of new people enquiring about Sports Massage, and knowing a bit about the person delivering the massage can be a good way to feel comfortable about the whole process.

I am Chloe and here are Ten Things About Me-

Ten Things About Me

One – Years ago when I was a teenager, and I only recalled this in the last year or so, I used to get fifty pence, or some sweets, for providing back massages to my fellow girl guides during our summer camp holidays. I loved doing it then, and I love doing it now, so it puzzles me why it took so long to get qualified and make this my career.

Two – When I was a little girl in the 1980’s, my parents bought a yacht and it was our main residence for a couple of years. I loved living on the yacht, I was home schooled, and I learnt a lot about sailing and the world in general during that time. We never quite made it around the world as was the original intention.

Three – My husband is a Beekeeper, and I help him out where needed. I get hot and dizzy inside my bee suit, which bees do not like, so I do seem to attract some stings. The honey is the best I have ever tasted though, and I can’t wait to see what it tastes like this year.

Four – My first job straight from school was as an administration assistant with Marconi Ltd in Chelmsford, Essex. It was an apprenticeship type position, earning me an NVQ Level 2 in Business Administration. I worked in several departments, including Personnel and Purchasing. It was a sprawling site and I needed clearance under the Official Secrets Act to work there because of sensitive projects being undertaken. I found the sound proofed testing room particularly fascinating, even if I was constantly worried that I would fall from the rickety and narrow walkway and onto the foam spikes.

Five – My favourite Place in the world is my home, and outside of that I love being in Wales, the Lake District, and the Peak District. I love to be among nature, the trees, the mountains… anywhere unpopulated really.

Six – Exercise and activity are important to me. Exercise was not something I was exposed to growing up, and it was considered a bit strange if someone liked to exercise outside of school PE. When I was a teenager, we did start swimming, roller skating and playing squash each Sunday, but my parents rarely joined in, so I did not think it was something that adults really did. When I turned eighteen, I was fed up feeling unfite and so joined a gym, and I have not stopped being as healthy as I am able, despite various weight gains and weight losses, pregnancy and injury recovery.

I now have my own gym at home which makes squeezing in a daily workout much easier. I run regularly, walk every day, do yoga, Pilates, and other floor work, swim occasionally, climb regularly with my husband, cycle with my youngest, weight lift in my gym and use my indoor rower. Remember, movement is medicine.

Seven – I was born in Chelmsford, in Essex, and lived my early years nearby in Heybridge, near Maldon, also in Essex.We then lived in Looe, in Cornwall, and then nearby Polperro. We then moved to the yacht moored in Plymouth Queen Anne’s Battery, in Devon.

From there it was back to Essex for a couple of years and then back to Devon, this time to Wembury, a small coastal village just outside of Plymouth. It was here that some scenes for the 1990’s adaptation of Sense & Sensibility, starring Kate Winslet, were filmed. I loved to walk past the house and look at the same views that were featured in the film.

Upon completing my GCSEs, I was back to Essex… can you keep up?! I stayed for several years, with a brief hiatus in Ipswich and then Rayleigh, exploring living by myself, until I became a mother. I lived briefly in Kent but then was in Maldon for over ten years before marrying my husband and moving to Burbage to be with him seven years ago. We are now in Hinckley and I really hope that is the last house move I ever make. Phew!

Eight – I have four sisters, all younger than me, and commonly consider two other amazing women as bonus sisters, as our families were close growing up. My four sisters are scattered about and so I do not get to see them as often as I would like, having one in Jersey, one in Latvia, one back and forth to Spain and one in Heybridge.

Nine – I have two sons, aged 17 and 12, both of whom love to play Warhammer, video games, and watch films. The youngest one would love to have a job to do with planes when he is older, as having a plane mad dad has had a bit of an influence. The oldest is planning on heading to university to study mechanical engineering, and with straight As and predicted As in his exams, we are hopeful for him.

Ten – My greatest love in life has always been the written word. Whether reading it, or writing it, I love stories. I have a home library, which has recently over spilled to the living room, and I read every day. I was always a few years ahead of my peers with my reading age, and so I was called a bookworm, because the adventures I could have in the fictional world were far more exciting than real life, so I often buried my head there. Life is much more interesting now though, but I just can’t beat a good book for some escapism.

That’s it, ten things about me, I hope that you enjoyed reading it and I hope to meet, and help you, soon. If you would like anymore information please do Contact Me.


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