Hello and welcome to this week’s blog – Use it or Lose it – Part 3. Continuing on from last week, discussing mobility and why you need to USE IT OR LOSE IT.

How to Improve Mobility and Why

Use it or Lose it - Part 3Here is the question that I get asked a lot. And the answer to improving mobility is to get stronger, to strengthen. I said I would come back to it… It is nearly always the answer to most physical and mental restrictions. However as I said previously, just lifting weights might not be the answer. It is about strengthening your body and joints overall and improving your body’s ability to move in and out of different positions. Yoga and Pilates are both great activities to improve both your strength and mobility. It is important to note though, that doing just these alongside your other exercise will probably not improve your mobility. You need to understand your weaknesses to improve them, and during a Pilates or Yoga practise, it is easy to continue with the flow, or cheat a move, to get it done.

To improve you must break down to the individual movements you find difficult. Then practise those as part of your other exercise routines, until you can handle the move with ease. For example, if you find downward dog difficult, practise first the shoulder blades squeezing together with soft knees and high heels so that your legs are not stressed. Then relax your shoulders and practise straightening your legs and moving your heels closer to the floor. Then you would practise raising your hips high, before finally combining it.

The Why to improving is simple: to avoid injury and move with freedom… To move without fear, to use your body to its full ability, before you lose that ability.

I can introduce you to other mobility movements at the end of your massage appointment if you need them. Or if you choose to book in for a PT session, I can take you through an entire session assessing and improving your mobility. PT sessions are taking place in a Hinckley park with a safe social distance, please do discuss with me directly if you would like to book in.

Helpful Resources to Check Out

I can personally vouch for Ryan Hurst of GMB Fitness as being outstanding in his approach to breaking down and delivering mobility work through his online programmes.

I also have previously enjoyed Kaisa Keranen’s work, and that of Cory Lefkowith at Redefining Strength, who also have online programmes available.

Kaisa Keranen www.kaisafit.com

GMB Fitness www.gmb.io

Cory Lefkowith www.redefiningstrength.com

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today – Use it or Lose it – Part 3, and I hope to be helping you move better soon.


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