Vitamin DDid you know that you need 5 to 15 minutes of sunlight a day in the summertime to enjoy the boosting benefits of vitamin D? The sun needs to penetrate your skin, and the amount of skin needed is just that of your face, hands, and arms. Which can be a little tricky during the winter when we are cossetted in our warm coats, hats, and scarves, with barely a patch of skin on show, and barely any sun on show, too. Time needed in the sun during the winter months increases to about two hours because of these factors.


What can you do to help your body get all it needs right now and to prevent or help S.A.D slowing you down? Two hours outside is difficult, even for the most hardcore outdoorsperson. You need to look at providing vitamin D to your body from food sources such as mushrooms, oily fish, and other foods that have been fortified with vitamin D, possibly even supplemental vitamins if your doctor agrees.

Why is vitamin D so important though?

It has an amazing job in your body, by helping your bones stay strong by enhancing calcium absorption, helps to build muscle mass, boosts mood and energy levels, enhances cognitive functions, regulates your sleep cycle, and can help suppress depression.

Don’t delay if you are experiencing unusual symptoms of depression or lethargy, it really could be as simple as a vitamin deficiency.

Pay myself or Jen a visit if you would like to resolve any aches or pains that are keeping you indoors days at a time, which dramatically decreases your exposure to natural sunlight.

We hope that you are well and hope to see you soon to help you move well for life, winter included.

Thank you for taking time to read this week’s blog – Vitamin D.

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