Are your feet causing you to hurt?How do you identify if it is your feet causing you to hurt? Not only in your feet, your calves, and thighs, but elsewhere in the body?

Rest is the first thing to try. Do you hurt less if you are well rested with a full night’s sleep behind you? Then maybe that is all you need to do. Check next whether you are well hydrated enough, as not getting enough water can impact the whole of your body, yes, including your feet.

Are your shoes up to the job? Are they worn out, or poorly fitting? Are your socks too tight or too loose and sliding about in your shoes? Do you regularly roll your ankles? Do you get blisters too often? These are all indicators that your feet need some TLC, either with me or Jen providing sports massage to relieve painful muscles, or with another foot professional.

Common Signs

Knowing what a normal and transient issue with your feet is, or something to be investigated further can be a little confusing. Get further help if you experience any of the following;

      Sore feet when first walking on them in the morning
      Cracked heels
      Ingrown toenail or nail discolouring
      Cramping regularly
      Altered walking due to soreness
      Painful cracking
      Painful when wearing shoes
      Painful when bare foot
      Toes not bending with ease
      Very cold or skin discolouration

Conditions to do with your skin can be looked after by a podiatrist, painful muscles, tendons, or ligaments, can be looked after by myself or Jen at Astral Fitness.
Think any of the above apply to you? Then speak to a professional sooner rather than later so that you can get back to running, cycling, and jumping, pain free.

Thank you for taking time to read this week’s blog – Are your feet causing you to hurt? I hope that you found some of this information helpful on your health and fitness journey. If you would like further advice, or are struggling with a pain and you don’t quite know what to do, come and see me. You can use my Booking Link or check out my website for a little further information at

See you soon!
Chloe & Jen

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