Astral Fitness and Medipod ClinicsYou’ve identified that something is going on with your feet, but what next? Maybe it is not as simple as needing a massage, maybe you need to see a different foot specialist? That’s where someone like Faye Vogiatzoglou at Medipod Clinics comes in.

This is what Faye has to say –

“When your feet hurt, you hurt all over. It’s all connected!

Do you remember the “Skeleton song”? The foot bone is connected to the knee bone. The knee bone is connected to the hip bone. The hip bone is connected to the backbone. The backbone is connected to the neck bone. That’s why when your feet hurt, you hurt all over!

In my 25 years of clinical experience, I have seen hundreds of people with foot pain. That can be due to nail and skin issues, but also mechanical in nature such as plantar fasciitis and various tendinitis.

When a patient presents with sprains and strains affecting the lower limb, it is rarely that only one muscle is affected. The pain usually results from a combination of abnormal muscle function, muscle tightness and skeletal imbalance. Poor posture can be a result of imbalance due to foot problems. When feet aren’t aligned with the rest of the body, this can cause you to be off balance, making you more prone to injury.

The role of the podiatrist

The role of the podiatrist is to identify all the contributing factors to your discomfort and discuss a management plan. This management plan can include further assessment such as gait analysis and bespoke insoles, but also strengthening exercises, stretching exercises, massage therapy, physiotherapy, or lifestyle changes.

This is where every health care practitioner involved in the management of musculoskeletal issues holds a ring in the chain. To demonstrate how important it is to work together, I am going to share a patient’s story with you…”

…next week.

Faye’s story will be in next weeks blog, so check back then to learn about Mrs. T. and what she needed to find resolution to her pain.

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