Barefoot shoesMaybe you don’t have the need to visit Astral Fitness or Medipod Clinics right now. But you know that you would like stronger feet. Or you are frustrated that your feet are never quite as comfortable as you would like them to be.

Barefoot shoes are a big deal around the world right now. It might be tempting to just jump on the band wagon and join in, but what if it’s just a fad?

Barefoot shoes

First off, our feet were designed to be free. Modern shoes are essentially a type of prison for our feet. A less extreme binding that has been seen in some cultures. So why do shoes exist? For the simple fact to protect our feet from the damage than can occur from the outside world. Such as, cuts and grazes, or imbedded materials. All of which could lead to minor and major damage and infections. So why do some people shame shoes?

It was a bit of a fad to begin with, the bare foot movement. Until people woke up to the benefits of this way of living and realising that actually the world of fashion has dictated for too long how uncomfortable we should be in the name of fitting in. Or indeed, standing out. The idea of wearing shoes that fit our feet, our naturally shaped feet, rather than squashing them, has been around for a very long time. Pictures and studies from hundreds of years ago show how shoes could potentially deform our feet, and compared with modern shoes, not a lot has changed. Except maybe, with children’s shoes. Check them out if you can, see how much wider the toe area is in their shoes compared to your shoes.

How to Start

If you would like your feet to be more free, and try out the whole barefoot thing, then begin by being barefoot at home, and in your garden. Take care and don’t assume your feet won’t get injured just because you are at home.

Do this for several weeks, I recommend starting in the spring or autumn to protect your feet from the cold, and get used to how your feet move without restrictions.
Check back next week to find out the next steps.

Don’t forget to come and see us if you need help with any of your muscles, not just your feet!

Thank you for taking time to read this week’s blog – Barefoot shoes. I hope that you found some of this information helpful on your health and fitness journey. If you would like further advice, or are struggling with a pain and you don’t quite know what to do, come and see me. You can use my Booking Link or check out my website for a little further information at

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Chloe & Jen

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