Start with Your Feet - Medipod ClinicsFaye Vogiatzoglou from Medipod Clinics is back this week to tell you her client story-

This is what Faye has to say –

“Mrs T. is 62 years old, no medication, no injuries, or surgeries, has 2 young grandchildren, and enjoys walking her dog daily. She had over-the-counter insoles for many years, but she wanted something more supportive. The biomechanical assessment showed, amongst other things, extreme tightness in her calves, hamstrings, all gluteal muscles, and muscles around the hip joint.

She was strongly advised to consider seeing a sports massage therapist regularly to help release the tension around her hips and lower back. This would enable the orthoses to work better supporting her feet. It took Mrs T a few weeks to get used to her new orthoses as the tightness in her lower back and hips was causing discomfort. The sports massage therapist worked on all muscle groups and after a few sessions, alongside stretching, Mrs T. started to go for much longer walks with her dog. She was also able to spend more time playing in the park with her grandchildren, as her mobility increased. She now goes every couple of months for maintenance massages, her feet feel more supported, and she enjoys her life.

Start with Your Feet – Medipod Clinics

Like Mrs T. there loads of people with loads of different musculoskeletal issues. Problems that start with your feet can contribute to pain in your knees, hips, and lower back. Similarly, issues with your back and hips can cause foot and knee pain. Just remember the “Skeleton Song”. The foot bone is connected to the knee bone. The knee bone is connected to the hip bone. The hip bone is connected to the backbone. The backbone is connected to the neck bone. That’s why when your feet hurt, you hurt all over!

At Medipod Clinics we like feet and joints and muscles and ligaments! Podiatrists understand how the foot works and how it links with the rest of the body. We can work in isolation but for best results we join hands with other MSK specialists, such as Astral Fitness Sports massage and Sano Physiotherapy. Give us a call today at 01455 246100 to chat through your needs. You are also welcomed to visit us at 45 Rugby Rd, Hinckley, LE10 0QA – we will be delighted to see you!

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Faye Vogiatzoglou

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