Be AdventurousPart of being fit and strong is being adventurous. That might mean taking part in adrenaline style sports. But it might also mean giving a new sport a go. You don’t have to feel like you are risking life and limb to achieve an adventure. Or to get your heart pumping. Getting fit itself can be part of your adventure, or it can be the very reason you are able to be adventurous.

Could you, if you had the day off tomorrow, drive to Eryri – formerly known as Snowdonia, and climb the highest peak in Wales, Yr Wyddfa – formerly known as Mount Snowdon. Could you? I could. I know my fitness is capable of taking me up a mountain.

Jump into open water swimming after not swimming in years? Yep… my strength and fitness allowed me to do that without any physical preparation other than a little research.

Or I could last minute walk a marathon at the weekend… running it would take a little more training though, but that is something I am aware of for myself. What level is your fitness up to? What could you just go and do without preparation?

Be Adventurous

That is the simple sheer beauty of leading a fit lifestyle, that you can take yourself on an adventure, or join someone else’s, and know that your body will not let you down. And it won’t ruin you for the week afterwards while recovering, because you know what your limit is… and that is a limitless life.

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