ExploreWhen was the last time you explored somewhere new?

When was the last time you explored Hinckley? Or Earl Shilton, Barwell, Burbage, or where you live?

I frequently speak with clients about walking routes and places to discover in the locale to inspire a walk or two. To inspire a regular regime of walking, especially if their lives are largely sedentary. One particular client lives near the marina in Hinckley but had not explored the canal and the routes that shoot off from it, mostly because they thought it would take too long. Another client had never walked anywhere in Hinkley, choosing to drive and park as close as possible, not thinking it was possible to get enough walking in.

How much is enough walking? And no, it is not the arbitrary 10,000 steps everyone thinks it is. That number was invented by the Japanese for the upcoming Olympics in 1964. It is, however, a good number to aim for to improve fitness but for most people, substantial improvements, and maintenance, can happen around the 7,000 steps mark – and that was in a study. Basically, walk as much as you need to, to complement your fitness regime or to boost your movement in an otherwise sedentary day.

Always Explore!

When you go on holiday do you do an amazing amount of walking, only to do next to nothing when you get home? And ache for days afterwards? Get some exploration practice inbefore your next trip, and skip the aching.

I love to explore, and walking is part of that. I recently went to Cornwall and visited Tintagel Castle. It is very much a walking experience, with a lot of elevation involved. I visited Merlin’s Cave too, which sits on a beach below the castle. It can only be accessed on foot via a twisting stairway, landing on a giant rock which required a little jumping and climbing to navigate to the sand. And of course, back up again to leave the beach. If that is something you find easy to motivate you to walk and explore, then plan regular trips so you can maintain your health and fitness that way. Bradgate Park and Hartshill Hayes are but a stonesthrow away and can provide challenging routes.

Hinckley itself can feel like another place altogether if you pop along the canal and get away from the hustle and bustle of the town and the roads. One direction can take you all the way to Nuneaton, the other with some shorter exits back into Hinckley, or Stoke Golding.

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