Choose Just One Thing To Focus OnChoose Just One Thing to focus on when changing your health and fitness lifestyle, before adding too much to the mix.

Eating healthily is probably the hardest of all the things we’ve looked at over the last month, simply because we live in a junk food culture these days. It has never been easier to think about eating a snack or junk food meal, and have it delivered to your door with you barely having to move to make it happen. Both Jen and I do this from time to time, it’s natural, we want the snacks!

We want the Pizzas! We want all the food! But, it can all too easily become a habit and then become normal to eat like that. And as much as the food is soooooo good, it can often be out of proportion in the calories, micronutrients, and macronutrients, that’s the carbohydrates, protein, and fat. This is what often catches us out, and before we know it, we have consumed our whole days’ worth of calories in one meal and we are still peckish for something later.

Helpful Resources

There is a lot more to eating healthily than can be discussed here, so we thought you would like some helpful resources to go out and do a little research for yourself.

As ever we are here to chat with you about your choices and share our experiences and local knowledge to get you started.
Chloe is also a qualified PT and while her focus is on those clients who are in pain, and wanting to get better, she is happy to train you to get you moving as part of a healthier lifestyle, and point you in the right direction for your next steps.

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