HINCKLEY PRIDE!How is it April already?? It feels like this year is whizzing by already. Especially when there is something so exciting to be looking forward to this summer, and that is HINCKLEY PRIDE!

Chloe and Jen are very proud as a business to be one of the sponsors for this brand-new event coming to Hinckley on Saturday July 15th.

What exactly is Pride? For those of us who might not know, Pride events have been happening in the UK since 1972 as a way of commemorating the Stonewall Riots in America, which occurred in the early hours of June 28th 1969, when the New York ‘Public Morals Division’ raided the Stonewall Inn in an effort to arrest and hospitalise its gay patrons. However, that night, the bar fought back. And so did many others from the surrounding areas, for the rest of that night and for the five following it, barricading the police officers within the bar. This action led to what was called Gay Pride for many years and is now known as Pride. So it is high time that Hinckley finally has its own Pride, as a place for our local LGBTQIA+ community to come together to celebrate and support one another.


Astral Fitness is an inclusive business where everyone is treated with respect at all times, because feeling good in your body, being healthy and fit is for EVERYbody. If you would like to find out more about Hinckley Pride, please pop over to their website at www.hinckleypride.co.uk and maybe send them a donation to kick off the event?

If you need to get yourself a massage, book yourself in at www.astralfitness.co.uk sooner rather than later, availability is going fast.

Thank you for taking time to read this week’s blog – HINCKLEY PRIDE!

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We look forward to helping you.
Chloe & Jen

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