Focus On One ThingWeight gain or weight loss are probably the hardest aspects of changing your health and fitness lifestyle, because it is a visible change to others and ourselves when we look in the mirror it can be disheartening when we do not see what we want to see.

Focus On One Thing

If this is the One Thing you have chosen to start with on your path to being healthier, it can be a tricky one to understand and master, but is so very rewarding. Oftentimes choosing to gain weight or lose weight leads to other lifestyle changes. Weight changes happen in the kitchen usually, because the calories we consume, and the nutrient quality of those calories, can help or hinder our efforts to our end goals.

If your overall healthier lifestyle goal is to gain or lose weight, then Jen and I both recommend to understand the food that you are eating. Are you getting enough micronutrients? Are you consuming the optimal split of macronutrients? Trying to get your food sorted out and embark on an exercise regime could be too much and lead to you not doing much of anything at all, so Choose Just One Thing to focus all your energy on to begin with, and then slowly introduce other aspects. You will find that your mind will naturally want to consider exercising once you see the effect of tweaking your food choices has.

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