Choose Just One Thing Getting cardiovascular fit, or losing weight, or gaining muscle, or getting healthy, or being more powerful, faster, stronger… can be a daunting task to tackle all in one go.

So, we are here to tell you to… Choose Just One Thing.

That’s it. There is a lot of information out there about getting healthier, whatever that may look like for you, and trying to do all of it can actually cause you to do none of it because it is simply too much to cope with in one go.

Quite often, choosing one thing to focus on will eventually lead you to exploring other options surrounding your health and lifestyle, and because you have mastered one aspect, the next one will be easier.

Over March we will look at five aspects of health and fitness and give you some ideas about how to start with each so that you can introduce a new healthy habit to your life.

Choose Just One Thing

Cardiovascular fitness, popularly known as Cardio, is the most common type of fitness that people think of when wanting or needing to get healthier, and it is certainly the most common to be found when looking for a class or activity to do. If this is the one thing you are choosing as a starting place to your healthier lifestyle, then find something that is FUN! Cardio can become extremely repetitive and it is easy to skip the odd workout here and there when you do not feel like it.

So when choosing Cardio as your one thing, make it enjoyable and mix it up. Walking one day, a Zumba class another day, a little run with friends at the weekend, cycling with your children, and maybe a swim every few weeks or so. Cardio never has to be the same, unless you’re training for a specific event, and even then some variety can make all the difference. The key to cardio is to just start.

What cardio will you choose this week?

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