Get Your Kids Started With Healthy ActivityGet your kids started with healthy activity from a young age. They will likely continue being active their whole lives in one way or another. Better yet, join in with them and let their youthful energy give you a boost in your own activities.

You’ll never be this young again, nor will your kids. How many times have you already said that they’re growing up fast? Well, they do. We get so bogged down in the day to day. Getting through each month mentally that a whole can sometimes pass in a blur and boom! The kids and grandkids are magically older, and so are we. Take advantage of today. Plan ahead for the summer holidays and think about how you can be more active with your kids every weekend before then. So that you can be fit enough to enjoy your holidays out and about with them.

Get Your Kids Started With Healthy Activity

Great activities locally for both parents and children together are martial arts. There aren’t many places that all ages can work on a sport in a class together, and then practice what they have learned when they go home. Other options are that you could watch and learn your child’s activity so you can fully participate in a practise at home. I’ve seen some fantastic videos of dads dancing ballet routines with their little ones, matching them exactly, to give them stage confidence. Have you seen them? Think of the practise needed by dad to nail that routine, all the dance elements in the various planes of movement that we looked at in last weeks blog.

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