Helping HandsSports Massage is so much more than just my hands onto your back, leg, neck.

It’s a wealth or expertise and advice at your fingertips, ready and waiting for you, all you need to do is ask.

One of my biggest joys in this job of Sports Massage is helping people. Something I rarely had an opportunity to do in my old retail job. This really came to the fore when I had an accident of my own. I had to turn my expertise from helping others, inwards to helping myself.

Helping Hands

Imagine a lovely clear sunny Saturday in September last year. My husband and I felt motivated to get the lawns mown, some trees and bushes trimmed back, generally tidy the garden before autumn set in properly. I had a client reschedule their appointment with me that morning, so was up and ready to get on with the day.

We had mown the front lawn and finally, after three years, cut away some scraggly bushes that were just getting in the way. Everyone went inside to start making lunch and I made my way to the back garden to put away our three bunnies, They would not appreciate the mower getting too close to their run.  I put one away, went back for another, picked her up and as I stepped out of the run, caught my foot on it and fell.

Now, a lot can happen in a few seconds as it turns out as I clearly remember thinking through all of the following as I was falling;

‘the bunny will die if I land on her, throw her away from you.’

‘turn yourself so you don’t hit your head.’

‘quick put your arm out to break your fall.’

‘oh wow I didn’t know my elbow could bend so far in the opposite direction, it looks so strange’

And, most importantly…


Well actually the air was a bit (A LOT) bluer than that. I lay with my right arm out the side, not daring to look at it for fear of seeing bone poking through my skin. All the while my legs flailed in sympathy of the pain I was experiencing.

As it happens I broke the radial head. As its surrounded by the annular ligament and other strong soft tissues I was not deemed in need of a cast or surgical intervention, which helped my recovery massively.

It’s a little more complicated than that to be honest, but my knowledge of muscles, tendons and ligaments meant I was able to design my own rehabilitation programme. This saw me back to full time massage in six weeks on the dot.

What about physiotherapy, I hear you ask?

Well, I was given a physio appointment about three weeks after it happened. He was impressed with the speed of my recovery. I was already doing all of the exercises he was going to prescribe me. I returned for a check up and my progress was still astounding him. He discharged me from his care there and then.

That’s not to say you don’t need physiotherapy at all. But it goes to show the knowledge and skill I am able to commit to even the cases of pain and discomfort you might not readily expect.

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Speak with you soon, Chloe.