How long should it take to recover from an injury?How long should it really take to recover from an injury?

Oftentimes clients expectations are to be back to normal exceedingly quickly, and can be frustrated when that does not occur.

Recover Reality

This frustration can then lend itself to a slower recovery, in reality, as you try to force the speed that you are back to normal and can suffer a setback. Sometimes you can recover quicker than expected, only to be experiencing pain somewhere else down the line.

Mr B

Mr B came in to see me this week with a lot of lower back pain, which is a bit of a red flag for a lot of people – back pain! Oh no! Upon researching his history, a sprained ankle six months ago which ended up with crutch use for quite some time had led to the back pain. The pain was being experienced on the opposite side of the body to the sprained ankle, because of a weakening of some muscles and overuse of others. Once we had worked out what and why, applied the massage treatment to everywhere necessary, which was not the area experiencing pain, and he woke the next day for the first time without back pain.

So even several months after an acute injury, he was completely recovered from that injury, but there had been a knock on effect from it elsewhere in the body.

The simple answer to how long it should take to recover from an injury is this – everyone is different, but expect it to be months rather than days or weeks. Of course, it depends completely on the type of injury you have experienced.

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