Personal Training and Optimising Your RecoveryChloe offers Personal training, and now has timeslots available to book online to make it even easier for you to include an active element in your recovery. You do not need to just recover from injury, there are many things which require a guiding hand to recover from, including surgeries, diseases, accidents, mental health episodes, and sedentary lifestyles to name but a few.

Every type of person is welcome, and Chloe is particularly passionate about helping people exercise around injuries, aiding recovery from those injuries. She also enjoys guiding people from sedentary lifestyles and muscular weakness from inactivity, back into regular movement. Not sure what to expect from a Personal Training session?

Your Unique Needs and Goals

First up, it is very personal, your unique needs and goals are taken into consideration, and Chloe plans the steps needed to get you there. Because of her education in Sports Massage Therapy, her knowledge of issues in the body is deeper than a standard Personal Training qualification, and she is well placed to guide you through all the steps to a full recovery.

Your first session will be getting to know you with a basic introduction to the foundational moves that will make up a lot of your workouts. It’s here that Chloe will learn about how you move, your limitations – whether physical or mental, and can understand the next steps you need. This way, the program written for you will not seem unachievable or too difficult and you can learn what you can do.

Chloe can instantly adapt any part of the program you are doing while in the session, responding to days where you are lacking energy, or maybe you have more to give!
Above all, Chloe creates an atmosphere of reassurance and encouragement which are the cornerstones of recovery and success.

Thinking about PT but still not sure? Pop Chloe an email to discuss things with her at [email protected]

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