You Are Not Fragile The human body is amazing, and surprisingly very strong. But you and I both know people who avoid certain movements or activities for fear of hurting themselves… and they are probably hurting themselves more in the long run.

We know someone who is afraid of twisting movements, because one time a few years ago, a twisting movement put them in a lot of pain for several months with their back. They now have chronic back pain and can’t seem to find a way out of it, and guess what? They refuse to perform any kind of twisting movement… and that is at the very crux of the pain.

A Few Strong Facts

Think you’re weak? Check these out!

  1. Your Achilles tendon can take loads of between 51,000kg and 102,000kg…. say what?!
  2. Lifting 10kg from the floor places an equivalent load of 168kg into your back. Still think it’s weak?
  3. It would take 925kg of force to stretch your IT Band… yeah that bit down the side of your leg that the interwebs and other therapists have told you is tight, and that you need to stretch or roller it. Really think a foam roller is going to cut it now? Come and see a therapist who knows that you shouldn’t be stretching your IT band, and what to do about it instead.

You Are Not Fragile

There is a lot of fear surrounding the body, your body, and just what it is capable and not capable of doing. But just reading those three facts above should be enough to tell you that you are not weak, or fragile, and you should just get out there and try something new to get your body moving. Because guess what? If you don’t look after it now with regular movement, it will be weak and fragile one day and there will be a lot of pain to accompany it… and most likely a long journey to get you out of that pain.

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