Best version of you | New Year | January Part TwoHello and welcome to this week’s blog, the second one in the New Year… New You?

No Way!

If you read last weeks blog, you’ll see that I am not really an advocate of the New Year New You marketing campaigns that go around. There is nothing wrong with who you are right now.

You will never escape you. So let’s talk about making the most of who you are right now. How you can go about tweaking some habits for the better so that you can be the best version of you.

The Best Version of You

So, how do you go about creating better habits, or even new habits?
The popular belief goes that if you do something daily for three weeks, it will become a new habit…. When it can actually take from a couple of weeks to almost a year to form a new habit. If that habit is getting fitter, and you’re committing time to it a couple of times a week, then it will be on the longer scale to set it in your new routine. And that’s not too shabby, because fitness is not a sprint, it is an ultra-marathon.

Exercise is Too Much for Me Right Now

While I advocate exercise a lot, sometimes it can be too much right now for you, you are just not in the right place for it mentally or physically. And THAT IS OK.

What can you do instead of exercising?

You can be active. Activity costs very little in the way of money, time, mental or physical energy and can look like a stroll around your garden or walking to the nearest shop for bread rather than hopping in the car. Try and swap using the lift to take the stairs, make extra journeys up and down the stairs, or even slide out of your armchair and onto the floor to follow a gentle yoga video by Yoga with Adriene who aptly says on her home page, ‘Yoga is the art of waking up’. What are you waiting for?

Go and wake up your body

Thank you for taking the time to read this weeks blog, and if you feel that you need some guidance to get you started getting healthier, whether that is to resolve a pain issue, or to get fitter, please do get in touch with me to discuss your needs – [email protected] or if you know you need a massage to get started, head over to and the booking page to get booked in. Please do think ahead, as it is about a five week wait for appointments. If you’d like something sooner, please do book in and then message me to ask to join my waitlist for short notice availability.

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See you soon!

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