Mastering MobilityExciting news here at Astral Fitness.!
Chloe has created a brand-new way to work with her, should your geography or time interfere with your ability to schedule an appointment directly with her.

Ever since the lockdowns a few years ago, there was a clear gap in the offerings at Astral Fitness and Chloe has been working hard on finding exactly the right thing for everyone she looks after during treatments as well as those she would like to look after who aren’t able to visit the treatment room personally.

One thing that came of that was the Facebook group, Mastering Mobility. However, it did not feel quite right at the time and subsequently the group was paused for a time while Chloe figured things out. It is not always possible to get things right the first time!

Mastering Mobility

But it will be back up and running very shortly and a place to visit and learn more about your own mobility as well as participate in group mobility work.

The next thing that will be coming will be digital courses for you to utilise in your pursuit of better mobility, stronger muscles and joints, and less pain from sitting at a desk all day or being busy on your feet all day and not knowing what to do at the end of it.

Why work with Chloe this way rather than doing someone else’s video course?

Chloe will be starting with the foundations of mobility, starting with your neck and shoulders and breaking it down into stretching and mobility and she will be available to answer questions about the courses within the aforementioned Facebook group personally. You will also be able to secure private zoom calls with Chloe to discuss your individual needs or be led through the exercises at your own pace, if needed.

Check back next week to find out more!

If you would rather get booked in and get treated face to face at Astral Fitness’ dedicated treatment room, pop over to and schedule an appointment.

Thank you for taking time to read this week’s blog – Mastering Mobility.

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We look forward to helping you.
Chloe & Jen

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