Movement Snacks and Big WorkoutsMovement snacks can be beneficial to those who make time for big workouts and get all the things they want with them. I use movement snacks all the time, even when I have completed a workout that day.

Where they come in handy for me is, that it can help undo tightness or achiness in a muscle or joint because of my workouts. Or if my day has been particularly busy, it helps bring focus back to how I am moving my body and undoing tensions before they can set in for the day and the night. No one likes to go to sleep with something niggly and tense.

My favourite go-to middle-of-the-day movement snacks are;

  • Seated cat cow
  • Spinal rotations and waves
  • Side bends
  • Neck circles
  • Ankle and foot circles
  • Chest opener stretch
  • Deep yogi squat
  • Hip gate openers

There are many more, but the above form the basis of what I do to wake my body and joints up. Google them to see which you like.

As you can see, most involve my spine. Your back is so incredibly important, and because of how strong it is, it’s very easy to neglect what it really needs. And that is – plenty of movement, in every plane of direction. It is easy to forget that your spine can bend forwards, backwards, sideways, and rotationally, too. Incorporating these movements daily will aid your overall movement, and your other joints need to get involved too!

I’m fortunate enough to be able to lay down a yoga mat or towel at work and get some deeper stuff done. Things like laid down hip and spinal openers as well as child’s pose and other movements.

If you work from home, why not have a yoga mat permanently laid out in an area you frequently visit or see? It might inspire you to do a few minutes of movement snacks every few hours during your working day.

We hope to see you soon to help you with your movement journey.

Thank you for taking time to read this week’s blog – Movement Snacks and Big Workouts.

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