RICE and Peace & LoveOne of the first things we have a lot of people employ before they visit us, is the RICE protocol. Simply put, it stands for



And was invented in 1978 by Dr. Gabe Mirkin in his Sports Medicine Book. However, that same doctor debunked his methodology, as recent research has proven this to actually slow down the healing process. Ice can indeed reduce immediate pain but should not be the go to as a way to aid recovery – it will take you longer. So, what can you do to optimise your recovery before being able to make it to an appointment with Chloe or Jen?

Use the new protocol, which is called:

Peace & Love

Protection – avoid activities causing pain.
Elevation – lift the limb higher than the heart.
Avoid Anti-Inflammatories – avoid medication which reduces swelling and healing and avoid ice.
Compression – use elastic bandage or taping.
Education – your body knows best, listen to it.


Load – let pain guide your return to normal activities.
Optimism – be confident and positive about your recovery.
Vascularisation – use pain free cardio activities to increase blood flow to repairing tissues.
Exercise – be active in your recovery and restore mobility, strength and proprioception.

All of which are easy to put into place for any person suffering with an injury or in pain. However, what to do if you do not understand when it is the right time to move from one element to another? Or where to combine the different steps.

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Good luck and we look forward to helping you.

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