Physical Pension - Part 3Hello and welcome to this week’s blog – Physical Pension – Part 3. I am still talking about your Physical Pension and why you need one. Last week I mentioned that it is something that you need to ‘pay’ into on a regular basis, but what if you’re only a few years away from retirement, what do you do then?

And the answer is easy…. START NOW. Yes, it’s really that simple, start contributing to your Physical Pension now, and reap the rewards almost immediately, as well as setting yourself up to fully enjoy your retirement.

If it has been a long time since you have done any activity or exercise, then it is important to start small and slow, and increase your activity levels slowly over time. Walking is an excellent example of a way to begin contributing to your Physical Pension. Start with a walk to the end of your road and back and increase it each day until you can walk at least two miles comfortably. Then it will be time to have some fun with your exercise and choose some fun new things to try out.

Physical Pension – Part 3

There are many classes in Hinckley to choose from, some can be found at as well as so take a look around to find something you can enjoy.

If you would prefer to continue with walking, mix it up and challenge yourself. Include hills and time how long it takes to get up them. Hollycroft Park has a great hill for this. Choose a more hilly route overall, or beat your time around your usual route. Maybe the running bug will bite and you will head out on the roads or trails for some fun. If it does, check out for some amazing kit to get you going.

But what if you are already quite active because your job is very physically demanding? Does that mean that you are already well on your way to enjoying a great retirement? Not necessarily… tune in next week to find out why.

Thank you for taking time to read today, and I will be back next week with some more information, or if you would like to get started sooner rather than later, get in touch with me on [email protected] to find out about Personal Training sessions.


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