Hello and welcome to my blog this week – Physical Pension – Part 4. I am talking about how you can contribute to your Physical Pension even if you are already active because of your job.

So, you’re a groundworker, multi-drop driver, shelf stacker, gardener, postie, dog walker, builder, police officer, or some other physically challenging job. You don’t need to add to your Physical Pension any more than that, right?


I have met many people in my life and career, who have very demanding jobs and simply do not do anything else, exercise or activity wise, because they believe that they are fit and active enough.


Physical Pension Part 4Your body is amazing. It is adaptable. It evolves. So when you place a physical demand on it every day, it very quickly adjusts to what you’re doing and it becomes very efficient at it. This is now what I refer to as ‘your baseline’. Your baseline of all the things you do for your job, will be exactly the same as an unemployed person watching television most of the day. Crazy. But true.

It is because your body has adapted to deal with its daily stresses, and it has found the most efficient ways of moving and coping. It’s why you probably put weight on during a period off work; your brain is attuned to demanding a certain amount of food, which you continue to eat, but you are not burning the same calories.

But just because your baseline is the same as an inactive person, doesn’t mean you can’t make improvements, and fast. You are already fitter than most to a certain degree, and improving will come easily. You should look for an activity that complements what you do at work by finding the holes in your fitness. If you lift heavy things for your job, go and find a sport that will challenge your cardio fitness. If you walk all day without much else happening, go lift some heavy things about.

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