Stay Active In The WinterHow do you stay active in the winter, especially when the temperatures start to drop? What about avoiding pain and injury when your body is that little bit more tense because it is trying to protect itself against the colder weather?

There is no one answer for everyone. However a good place to start is by being properly prepared for the activity you are doing.

Warm-ups are vital in the winter, even if you don’t really need them in the summer when the warmer air keeps your muscles at optimal temperature all the time.
The best warm up is one that keeps your heart pumping, and moves the joints and areas of the body you will need for your workout. If you are going for a run, walking lunges and jogging on the spot while indoors is a good way to get started, followed by gently running outside to make sure everything feels optimal to perform. Then go for your run. It is a good idea to keep moving at a slower pace rather than run fast and needing to walk, whereby you might succumb to the cold air a little too quickly and find it difficult to warm up and get going again.

Stay Active In The Winter

If you are in a cold gym, and a lot of them are, then doing bodyweight or light weight movements of what you plan to work out is a good way to warm up for the heavier weights. Lifting gloves might be wise to protect your hands from the cold bars, as this can cause unnecessary discomfort. I recommend Barehand Gloves, which reduce callous formation too. Pretty soon you’ll forget about the cold altogether!

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