Staying Injury Free Over The SummerHello and welcome to this week’s blog, all about staying injury free over the summer. When we are all more naturally active and out and about enjoying the lovely weather. Last week I mentioned that injuries most frequently occur when-

You rush to do too much too soon, after doing too little for too long.

So exactly how do you go about introducing activity into your life when you haven’t been doing so for a while? This is important even if you have been very active in the past and you’re on an extended hiatus.

Think about starting with a short walk or run, depending on what your fitness history is. Then when the DOMS kick in, that’s Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, do it again. If you’re one of the genetically gifted who don’t suffer with DOMS, make sure to walk or run a couple of days after the first time. Repeat that for a few weeks, then add something else in that looks after you overall strength. A little yoga, or Pilates. Maybe check out a new gym and try a short resistance workout. is a small and friendly gym that caters to many fitness needs, go check it out. Oh yeah, you’ll find me there too, exercising or treating clients in my Sports Massage room.

Staying Injury Free Over The Summer

Sports Massage is very effective at relieving and preventing DOMS, if you have embarked on fitness before and the mere thought of aching all over afterwards is a real roadblock to you getting started once more, then get booked in with me for a couple days after you start and get yourself looked after. That’s what I am here for, to help you look after yourself.

Remember, to start small, be consistent, and build on that foundation. Think about when a new housing estate appears, like the new Hollycroft Grange, it takes months to prep the ground and lay the foundations, and then the houses appear as if overnight. It’s the same technique required with your body.

Build that foundation. Stay injury free.

Don’t forget that I also offer Personal Training for you, tailored to your beginner fitness journey, injury recovery, and movement needs. Contact me on [email protected] to find out more.

See you soon!


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