The Conqueror ChallengesI thought I would revisit some walking challenges with you if you’re the sort of person that needs a bit of a goal to get you moving, and those challenges are The Conqueror Challenges.

You may remember me talking about them before, as I turned to giving myself a goal during the lockdowns. I completed several of their medals and the premise is simple: walk, run, cycle, or swim your way along a virtual map that is tracked live with other participants on your app. Decide on the length of time it will take you and it will provide you with reminders along the way and send you a beautiful medal at the end of the challenge as your prize for completing it.

If you make the timeline challenging, you really will have to go for it to make the deadline and claim your medal!

I am interested in doing more as it has been a while, and it is a great way to learn some new things from the virtual postcards that Conqueror send you with pictures of what you might see as well as information about the country you’re in. They have also developed some fantasy medals that tell the story as you go, their first being the Lord of the Rings stories.
Why not join up and tell me about it at your next massage? What about signing up with a friend and push each other to go further each time you go out? There is an active and friendly group on Facebook discussing the challenges so you can find likeminded people to inspire you.

Medals not your thing?

Then set yourself a goal of what you would like to achieve with your fitness over this winter and make a plan and stick to it. Involve your friends and family and have some fun with it – I know a family who love to walk and catch Pokémon together, and another who geocache on their walks. Some folks like to wander amongst the trees by themselves, indulging in a touch of the Japanese pastime Shinrin-yoku, Forest Bathing, to soothe the mind and soul.

Thank you for taking time to read this week’s blog – The Conqueror Challenges. Ultimately, find what works for you.

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We hope to be helping you soon.
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