Walking Will Never Let You DownAutumn is well and truly upon us, and it can be exceedingly tempting to give up on most activities and going out when the air is cooler and probably wetter too, so what can you do to maintain your level of fitness and make sure you ward off colds and illness during the winter months?

WALKING of course!

Walking will never let you down, and the more you walk, the warmer you will feel in general. Both Jen and I love to walk, and we walk far more and further in the cooler months because it is just easier and more enjoyable to do so – let’s face it, getting excessively sweaty in the heat just for a walk can be a bit annoying for some people. If you are not currently in pain with an issue preventing you from walking, or makes walking tricky, then you have got no excuse to boot up and get out there.

Completely Unfit? Or Very Fit?

Walking suits both ends of the fitness spectrum, because you can challenge yourself accordingly. If you have decided that this summer was the last summer you were going to struggle with the heat because your fitness isn’t where it could be, then walking now and throughout the colder months is a fantastic way to get started. Know honestly where you are right now, and if you struggle with getting round your weekly shop before feeling tired, then challenge yourself to do that amount of walking two other times in a week with rest days in between.
If you are generally able to move around quite well but don’t do any other activity at all, then start with a short walk every lunchtime or after dinner every day.

If you’re very fit already, you might think you do not need to walk at all, as you’re always active lifting, running, etc, but what about giving your body a slower activity that will help reduce cortisol levels in your bloodstream that are flying around because of all the other activities you do? It does your body good to slow down occasionally, so go for a countryside walk a few times a month to allow space for that to happen.

Walking Will Never Let You Down

Similarly, if you are usually very fit and active, but have been benched due to an injury, then walking is perfect to keep you moving and help you recover without losing too much.

Thank you for taking time to read this week’s blog – Walking Will Never Let You Down. If you are suffering with an injury which makes walking uncomfortable, or you have begun a new regime of walking and you are aching, come and see me or Jen to book yourself in for a restorative sports massage at www.astralfitness.co.uk.

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We hope to be helping you soon.
Chloe & Jen

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