Hello and welcome to this week’s blog, Young Athletes. All about how Massage is Awesome!

Last week I talked about how you could use a massage to check in with me about mild symptoms of the aging process. To avoid actually feeling old as well as growing old. This week I am going to tell you about how massage can help you from a younger age.

Young Athletes

Young AthletesIf you have an active young athlete in your life, you know all about injuries and just how common they can be. If they happen you need to seek adequate advice and care. Ensureing that there won’t be a long-term condition arising from what has happened. I treated a young footballer who had fractured his foot during a game one time. Three years later was still experiencing issues, but on the other side of the body to where the break occurred. Checking his medical history, posture, and biomechanical movements, it turned out that he had never completed his physiotherapy and was placing the majority of his moving weight onto the side of the body that didn’t have the fracture. It was overcompensating and trying to do more than half the work and was causing further pain and injuries.

Older Teenagers

Teenage athletes undergo such huge changes in their lives, physically, hormonally, and emotionally, that injuries can be prevalent but not dealt with because of their uncanny ability to just bounce back… or ignore the issue! However, like the younger teen with the fractured foot, it is imperative that treatment is sought even for the smallest issue so a bigger issue in the future can be prevented.

And yes, sports massage can help avoid long-term problems!

As a side note, recent research found that young athletes participating in weight-lifting sports suffered considerably less injuries than other sports. If your child is injury prone, maybe it’s time to switch their sport? Contact Wayne Lakin at www.unitedsandc.co.uk to find out about his junior weight training classes.

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