Hello and welcome to my second blog in May, Massage is Awesome but not a Miracle … or is it? Now that I am firmly back offering sports massage it is a great time to get back on track with your regular treatments. Or indeed start a new treatment programme if you are completely new to the idea of sports massage.

Massage is Awesome but not a Miracle… or is it?

Massage is Awesome but not a Miracle … or is it?Massage has been a staple of health, wellness, and medical treatment since before formal records began. With pictures of it depicted by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Chinese. It was the first hands on treatment for a range of issues. It is still a primary go to treatment for many people.

Back then though, they didn’t fully understand why it worked and was thought of as a miracle cure for many ailments. Today we have many ways to research and study why massage works so well. People are still drawn to it for many reasons. Did you know that your skin has approximately 5 MILLION touch receptors? And 3,000 in just one finger alone. Those touch receptors are the very first things that work when we develop as humans, and one of the very last things to stop working at the end of our lives. That’s pretty miraculous.

What Can Massage Actually Help?

Amongst the obvious uses for massage such as relaxation and pain management, it can be a useful tool to aid the management of chronic conditions such as scoliosis and fibromyalgia to name but two. Reduction of stress and anxiety is a great side-effect, one I have personally helped several clients with, and seeing their ability to change their lives for the better and move on from regular treatments has been a privilege.

Massage has also been found to be an effective treatment for people with anger and hostility issues. Just imagine if you were so stressed that you turned to angry reactions in everyday life… well massage can help with both stress reduction and soothing the anger that can sometimes sit side-by-side with it. I think it may be the magic of touch, because, as a society, we do tend to be touch starved and so seeking remedial treatment that involves touch can bring unexpected results.

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