A Few Days Of Low PainYou are having a few days of low pain, or pain free movement with your back, or any part of your body that is bothering you, so what to do to make the most of these days?

Start slow and easy. The biggest mistake with your back is to rush straight back to a normal workout, or a hard and challenging workout.

Start with much lower weights than usual, or half movements. You could spend half the amount of time than usual working out. If you don’t already have a workout plan in place, and you know it is what you need to be in a better place with it, then start by walking.

A Few Days Of Low Pain

Anyone who says that walking isn’t exercise and it won’t help, clearly doesn’t know what they are talking about, stop listening to them right now!

Go for a short and easy walk. Then the next day, repeat. Rest a day and go for a longer walk. After a month or two of enjoying those walks, think about introducing a resistance workout. This can be utilising body weight workouts, or resistance bands, or dumbbells, or kettlebells, or barbells loaded with weight plates.

The most important thing is to find the thing you hate the least, and find a way to love it, knowing that it WILL be the solution to living a pain free life.

Remember to include dynamic movements for your back once you feel able to tolerate it with your mental confidence and physical abilities. This can include twists and turns with or without resistance, and balances to challenge your vital spinal support muscles.

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