Strong Backs Run in the Family!How about saying; ‘Strong Backs Run in the Family’.

It might be a complete lie, if you’re reading this, it may be because you truly have believed that your weak back runs in your family, but it is a very quick way to undo some of your brains expectations about your back. When you begin to believe that your back is strong, it is easier to engage in activities that will allow your back to truly become stronger than where it is currently.

It is very difficult to have a back that is weak, because it is inherently incredibly strong and capable of pretty much anything we throw at it.

Strong Backs Run in the Family!

Often when pain is presenting in the back, it can be for myriad of other reasons, sometimes stemming from other muscles not even in your back. It is important, as part of your journey to recover from a ‘weak’ back, to work out the root cause of the pain and work on that in conjunction with how you think about your back.

Did you know that your back is capable of sustaining a whole TON of pressure before showing permanent signs of pressure. That’s 2,000lbs… wow.
Your back can bend forwards and backwards and sidewards. It can rotate to both sides and allow your body to perform all kinds of day to day tasks, as well as be trained to do some incredible movements. Do not underestimate your back and do not speak badly about it. Give any flare ups of pain the space and grace for recovery, do not pretend it’s ok and do not try to ignore those little signs that something is about to happen. Most importantly, get a good self-care routine in place to look after all your body, including your Strong Back.

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