Are you a desk worker?Are you a desk worker? Or drive for your job? Professions which require you to sit for long periods of time can result in very particular types of muscular issues.

Jen and I specialise in using the hands-on art of Sports Massage to solve your desk working related acute and chronic aches and pains in your neck, shoulders, back, legs and hips. We often help solve issues with other muscles too.

Desk Ergonomics

Is your desk set up well for you to sit in an unrestricted way? Do you have one main screen set up well, and a secondary screen or laptop that you frequently look at? It is very important that you set yourself up well for both screens and have a swivel chair so that you can move your whole body to look at each screen rather than twisting your neck. Look at the guide published by the world renowned Mayo Clinic;

Office ergonomics: Your how-to guide – Mayo Clinic

If you can install a standing desk for your work, it will be a game changer not only for your body, but for your brain as well. Your brain operates more efficiently with a better blood flow around the whole body, which, you guessed it, happens when standing and moving about while working. There is a huge movement – ha! – in the walking pads installed below standing desks, so you’re not just standing and perhaps putting all your weight onto one leg or leaning forward onto your elbows on to your desk.

Standing Desk

Alternatively, if you aren’t keen on the idea of a standing desk, or you really do not need one, what about lowering everything down. You could use a footstool or coffee table for a desk and sit upon a cushion which supports you adequately to do so.

That is how I am writing this to you right now. In fact, it is how I do all my writing because I do not have need of a standing desk in my home. I have a sit cushion, similar to a yoga meditation cushion, and I can sit in a low squat position. When that becomes a little uncomfortable, I move to a kneeling-astride-the-cushion position. Then I can transition to crossed legs or move to the floor for a short bit. The idea of sitting like this and moving about might seem tiring or unnecessary – just sitting on a chair for hours and not fidgeting or moving seems like it would be more efficient – but the whole point is movement. Movement is what your muscles and joints crave. If you need a little help stopping hurting from your desk work, get booked in at

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