Do you drive for your job?Are you a desk worker? Or drive for your job? Professions which require you to sit for long periods of time can result in very particular types of muscular issues.

Jen and I specialise in using the hands-on art of Sports Massage to solve your desk working related acute and chronic aches and pains in your neck, shoulders, back, legs and hips. We often help solve issues with other muscles for other reasons too.


Have you ever had a bit of a stretch at your desk and felt immediately better? Or when you stop your vehicle? But maybe you’re not sure if you’re stretching in a good way or if it’s doing any good? If it feels good- keep doing it. Stretching is a valuable tool to utilise several times a day to prevent aches and pains setting into your body and causing a longer-term issue. If you don’t stretch at your desk and want to know what to do, visit the below article by BUPA.

Desk stretches to ease aches and pains (

There are arguments in the body working and movement professions that say stretching isn’t really necessary, but mine and Jen’s viewpoints on it is that you can utilise stretching as a quick way to understand and introduce regular movement into your day as well as challenging your joints and tendons, along with the muscles you’re stretching. Remember, there is no change without challenge.

Having trouble feeling good in your body? Is the stretching you’re doing telling you that you can’t move as easily as you once did? Or maybe the stretch just is not doing what you need it to. Then perhaps you are in need of a massage to sort out any pesky aches.

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