Building a Capable BodyIt is never too late to start building a strong and capable body. In fact, the older you get, the more vital it is to take care of your muscles and bones, to aid in keeping strong mental health as well as reducing the likelihood of slips, trips, and falls. Suffering a broken bone in later life can sometimes be a literal death sentence to you, let alone your overall well-being and can mean a complete breakdown in quality of life.

Most Important Day Is TODAY!

It does not matter if you start getting stronger as a young adult, or in your midlife, or even in retirement. The most important day to start getting stronger and more capable is TODAY. You might not want to believe that exercise can make such a big difference to your life, but the evidence is out there, from scientific studies to the people around you, all living strong lives and making room for exercise in them.

Do not be the person that exclaims that they do not like exercise, almost proudly, or the person that states that they can eat whatever they want and not exercise and be fine. You are not fine if you do not exercise. Simple. It is impossible to be fine without exercise of some sort, whether you walk everywhere, or go swimming, or go to the gym. Whether you like to swing kettlebells or swing punches, ride horses or ride motorbikes, exercise is vital to allow you to age well and be capable of pursuing your interests outside of exercise.

Does Anything Hurt?

Remember to address anything that hurts right away, to stave any injuries that might derail you from being as strong as possible. Remember that fitness does not happen overnight, and does not look the same on everybody, it is possible to be strong at many different sizes and you should never ever let a weight loss goal be something you need to achieve before starting to get strong. Get booked in with me or Jen if you need help with an injury or stress sitting in your muscles. Booking available online at

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