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An Update with Jen – Miss B

Miss B is a lady who is quite active and has recently taken up running to compete in a charity fun run. She used to run in the past, which has led to probably pushing herself too much too soon in her training regime, which is surprisingly common amongst the people we treat at Astral Fitness.

Miss B first came with symptoms of a sore and aching knee. Upon assessment it was clear to see that she was flat footed. The arches of the feet are very important in the biomechanics of walking, and particularly running. This is due to the higher impacts of the joints when we land. If the arch is not there to support this, the impact can cause the foot to invert, putting added pressure on the ankle, twisting the leg and knee inwards causing pressure on the knee joint and even travelling up to the hip.

This action and tightening of the quads, hamstrings or any muscle that works around that knee can pull it out of alignment, causing the joint to be inefficient and thus tire. Massaging will help alleviate these tight muscles for sure. But at Astral Fitness we also give general advice when we treat people. In this case it was on strengthening of the arches of the feet, stretching the tight muscles in between treatment sessions and particularly after exercise. Having an awareness of her gait and biomechanics has really helped alleviate this issue for this client and along with the treatment and advice the knee problem has since subsided.

Charity Fun Run

Miss B continues with regular treatments to aid her overall well-being and prevent a reoccurrence of the issue. While this is not mandatory, she likes to know she always an appointment for anything that may show up and get it dealt with swiftly.

I look forward to helping you in the future. Get yourself booked in and sorted out sooner rather than later.

Thank you for taking time to read this week’s blog – Charity Fun Run.

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