RecoveryJen is continuing her takeover of the Astral Fitness Blogs this month, letting Chloe rest her weary fingers for a little while. It is apt that Jen is with you this month, as it was two years ago this month that Chloe first introduced you to Jen and she started shadowing her during some of your appointments.
This week Jen is sharing an example of a client she has worked with for some time, and why.

An Update with Jen

As part of the work I am doing with clients day in and day out at Astral Fitness, there are some conditions and issues that spring to mind when asked about things I have treated specifically.

Mrs A

Mrs A is a lady who first came to me over a year ago now. She had symptoms of shoulder impingement and reduced mobility in her neck. Not long afterwards she had an operation to resolve the impingement issue, and found the regular massages helped reduce the muscle tightness in the surrounding tissues.

Mrs A willingly undertook the rehab exercises I suggested and has since recovered really well, and much faster than expected. Unfortunately, the same issue seems to be occurring in her other shoulder recently. However, we are both confident in her ability to recover well based on our shared experiences with the massage, and I will be there to support her all the way. There is so much more happening during the treatment hour than just the hands on massage. The supportive conversation, as well as the regular check-in physically and mentally, have as much to do with the recovery as the massage itself.

We do not offer the kind of massage where you can come in and fall asleep, because the conversation which lends the encouragement and support is a huge part of your recovery too. That is why it is important to find a therapist you feel comfortable talking with about your health.

Get yourself booked in sooner rather than later and see for yourself that it is more than ‘just a massage’. All of my availability is online at and I often have appointments within the week.

Thank you for taking time to read this week’s blog – Recovery.

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Chloe & Jen

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