Building a Strong & Capable BodyBuilding a strong and capable body is not always going to look the way you think it is going to look, it is not always about lifting heavy weights. Not something I thought I would say, but actually there are many ways to be strong, and lifting weights is just one of those ways. Arguably it is the most efficient way to get strong, and reaps many benefits than just stronger muscles – strong bones, less risk of slips, trips, and falls, greater density of muscle, less likely to injure, more stable joints, better mental health, reduced symptoms from many health issues, including menopause.

However, getting inside a gym, or buying some basic kit for yourself to use at home, is not appealing to everyone. So, what to do?


First up is walking. If anyone suggests for a moment that walking is not a good way to have a strong and capable body, then walk away, because they do not know what they are talking about!

Go for a walk and walk every day. If you want to improve your strength and fitness during your walking time, then introduce hills, and time restraints. Maybe take an excursion into an area that has steps and different gradients of hills. Time yourself walking a favoured route and aim to complete it five minutes quicker the next time you complete it. If your walk takes you through flatter terrain, like fields, choose to cross styes and obstacles a few times before moving on with your walk, to further challenge you.

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