Last week I mentioned that your body evolved to be in less or no pain during repetitive activities, but sometimes that doesn’t work. Read on…
You might be in pain from your repetitive activities, even if your body has evolved its posture to adapt to what you are teaching it, training it even, to do, but why is that, even though it has adapted?Do You Think Your Posture is Bad?

The body can only take so much, and when adaptations occur to allow your movement habits, it isn’t completely ideal for the body to do so, your muscles don’t actually become shorter or longer at all, there is no magic way to disappear a muscle or to grow more muscle. What your muscle does, is to contract to become shorter, or completely relax in the other instance to become longer.

A sustained contraction, will, after a while, hurt. A relaxed muscle will have trouble contracting to behave normally when called upon. And then the muscles communicate pain to your brain to stop you from trying to do what you’ve trained them to do. That’s where massage comes in, to help ease what the muscles are up to, and make it easier on you living your life pain free.

Do You Think Your Posture is Bad?

Remember these evolutions on your body the next time you look in the mirror and think that your posture is bad. It isn’t. It is adapted.
As your massage therapist, I will provide you with advice and exercises to help de-load the muscles, and in some cases, retrain them a little to prevent further instances of pain.

Your body was made to move, and you should, every day – movement is medicine.

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