Posture Isn’t Bad, Or Good, It Is AdaptedFor the last in my April’s blogs, I want to remind you that your posture isn’t bad, or good, it is adapted. If you’re experiencing pain and believe it is because of your posture, it might be because your adaptations aren’t coping, come and see me to help you understand why and how to help you adapt it differently to prevent pain now and in the future. Remember, if we weren’t meant to be able to slouch, then it would be physically impossible. Don’t believe me?

Try this exercise-

Sit up rigidly straight for a few moments and notice what starts to ache. Probably between your shoulder blades and down your back, maybe your abdominals, your shoulders. Now relax… you’re probably slightly slouched, but not uncomfortable any more.
You can book in online to get yourself assessed, or re-assessed, find out what you should pay attention to and what is not a worry anymore, visit


Posture Isn’t Bad, Or Good, It Is AdaptedPosture Isn’t Bad, Or Good, It Is Adapted

Jen is my new associate here at Astral Fitness, and if you missed my introductory blogs about her, head over to my website to take a look.

Jen has been studying hard at her training school and I thought you would appreciate an update. If you have been in for a physical appointment during April, you may well have had Jen shadow your appointment to observe what is happening.
During May, Jen will become more hands on in appointments, even taking some over for those of you that are happy for her to do so, or even working on a body part that we don’t usually have time to do. Have a think about your appointment, and maybe you’ like your legs being worked, while I work your back?

If you would like Jen to work on you exclusively, with me supervising, I will open up extra appointments throughout May. These will likely be late morning or lunchtime appointments and will be charged at £40. These are only being offered to past and present clients, so if you have never visited with me before, you will need to book a first appointment online at

Please reply to this email to register your interest, only if you have late morning and lunchtime availability Tuesday to Friday. Some of these appointments will take slightly longer as Jen will treat you as a first time client to help her gain experience in this field, but you will still receive at least 50 minutes of massage.

Hopefully we will see you soon!

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