Getting Prepped for Winter and Why it is ImportantHello and welcome to this months brand new blog topic – Getting Prepped for Winter and Why it is Important. Yes I admit it may be a little early to be talking about winter. But, as a very popular TV showed often reminded us, Winter is coming! Getting prepped for it can take a little while if your fitness has been a little off point over the spring and summer months.

When I was younger, and up until my mid twenties, I found the extreme changes in temperature between the summer and winter almost unbearable. I would hide indoors away from the sun, I would suffer with heat rash and prickly heat as well as feeling too sweaty and uncomfortable, then to have a short reprieve before being plunged into freezing cold hands and feet and shivering myself to sleep even under heavy covers- it was simply too much. The last ten years or so, I have found every season to be a delight, even if there was a heatwave or snow for several days. The magical difference is, even though I am older, and therefore supposed to be much more sensitive to the temperature changes; being fitter. Yep, it’s that answer again. Fitness.

Why Fitness Deals with the Winter – Getting Prepped for Winter

When your body is working more efficiently, it can quickly recruit the necessary systems to aid cooling and heating of your body and achieve those results faster, too. Even though I go out and exercise in the heat now, and still sweat, I do not sweat as much, or feel as uncomfortable, as I did when I was less fit. I also find that by going outside every single day for a walk of at least half an hour, no matter the temperature or the weather, the temperature changes are much more subtle, so my mind and body are able to deal with the side effects much better. Plus I am not hiding indoors with exaggerated false heat or air conditioning, which can play havoc on the bodies natural responses when you do venture out of doors.

Why is Winter Prep Important?

Would you go and run a marathon, or compete in the Worlds Strongest Man event with zero prep? Would you run in the Sahara or trek the Antarctic without preparing for it? Well, then don’t assume you can just about cope with another winter or summer- why not get fitter and continue to enjoy your life, and its hobbies and activities the whole year through? Prep for it!

We all know people who really struggle with the cold snaps and the heat waves, have a think about if they are generally fit and active, and most likely they aren’t. Don’t struggle like they do, get on top of your fitness now. It will also help ward off colds and other weather associated illnesses, and help you recover faster should you succumb.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today – Getting Prepped for Winter and Why it is Important. I hope that you found it useful. Please head over to my bookings page at to get any of those aches and pains sorted out for you before the colder air arrives.


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