Hello and welcome to Part Two of this months blog topic Getting Prepped for Winter and Why it is Important. Yes I admit it may be a little early to be talking about winter. But, as a very popular TV showed often reminded us, Winter is coming! Getting prepped for it can take a little while if your fitness has been a little off point over the spring and summer months.

Biologically, your body will deal with the winter months quicker if you are fit and active. I often hear the words, ‘you nutter’, and ‘you must be crazy’, when I walk several miles in the ice and snow, or go running in the rain in minus temperatures, but honestly, they really do not bother me as they did once before, when I was younger and not as active.

But, Where To Start?

If you’re already engaged in an activity and exercise programme, but still struggle with weather changes, perhaps you are focusing your energies in the wrong place? Maybe your intensity isn’t what it could be? Maybe you are not moving about regularly enough. Could it be that you are simply coasting with your exercise, or on the other end of the scale, maybe you are being too intense with your workouts and your body has nothing left for everything else the day throws at it.

If you haven’t really started an exercise programme, despite understanding the benefits of it, now is the time to start. Any possibility of a heatwave is long gone, and we haven’t had the first frost yet. Take advantage of the autumnal weather and get started with some brisk walking to challenge your cardiovascular system, and invest in some resistance bands or light dumbbells and get started with a basic programme.

Getting Prepped for Winter and Why it is Important

Alternatively, why not take up a new active hobby? There are gyms galore in Hinckley, we are spoiled for choice, as well as a multitude of classes within those gyms as well as classes elsewhere, specialising in martial arts, dancing, and other sports. Why not invest some time and money into a new hobby to get winter fit, and in the process learn something new and make friends.

Still not sure where to start? Message me on [email protected] and take up my personal training services. I specialise in helping people get started on their fitness journeys, train around injuries and chronic conditions as well as helping women understand just how strong and capable their bodies are.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today – Getting Prepped for Winter and Why it is Important – Part 2. I hope that you found it useful. Please head over to my bookings page at www.astralfitness.co.uk to get any of those aches and pains sorted out for you before the colder air arrives.