How to Reach Your Fitness GoalsReaching your goals can seem daunting, especially when we’re still fresh into a new year and many people around you seem to find it easy to stick to a regime. And, it takes time, seemingly so much time, to make any tangible difference to your fitness that sometimes it’s easier to coast through your exercise regime or just not bother at all… we only live once, right? So why not relax, put your feet up, and enjoy the extra slice of cake.

Well… here’s why not- because your body was designed to move. When you do not give it what it needs, it can lead to pain.

How to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Muscular pain is usually the first indication that your body is not happy with you – the aching hip waking you in the night, the cramping calf when you get up from the sofa, the achiness the day after you run around with your dog or your kids. You can still put your feet up and relax, and yes you can still have that slice of cake too, but it takes a little bit of consideration to fit it into a life of fitness and activity, so you then don’t suffer later on in your life because you’ve taken it too easy. Once you get started with a life of fitness, it gets easier pretty quickly, even if the results of what you’re doing aren’t immediately visible.

Think less visual results, more emotional results – feeling better will eventually lead to looking better, but aiming just to look better will take that little bit longer and may derail you or slow you down.

Next week I will talk about how to set some realistic goals to get you started, it might not be January anymore, but it’s never too late to get started!

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