You are the Best InvestmentYou might find that the men in your life are the least likely to make time for investing in themselves, even if they are the ones taking the time to invest financially! More often than not, Jen and I treat men in our dedicated treatment room who say to us, ‘I’m an all or nothing type of person’. We honestly can’t remember a man who hasn’t said that to us, it’s so common. What this means is, men tend to do nothing for their self-care, or go completely overboard and end up injuring themselves along the way, setting them back on the bench for several months in the process.

More than one man we see has in fact done exactly this; no exercise, activity, or self-care, for several months, then three or four months of daily high intensity exercise and BAM! Injury. Exhaustion. Fatigue. The wall has been well and truly hit and they do not know what to do with themselves.

Most often, they book in for weekly or fortnightly massages to get sorted, or their partner does it for them, they rest a little too much, then…. You guessed it, get straight back on that wagon of over-the-top intense exercise.

You are the Best Investment

Do you have a man in your life like that? Or are you that man? They, and you, could probably do with a regular sports massage to help manage their activity levels and keep recurring and new injuries at bay. Go to and get booked in, you do not need to wait for your anniversary, birthday, or other special date. Start this year as you mean to go on and look after the ones you love most… yes, including yourself!

Thank you for taking time to read this week’s blog – You are the Best Investment.

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