Reach Your Fitness GoalsYou’ve decided that this year is going to be THE year to be fitter, better, stronger, but here we all are in the second week of the second month and you haven’t made any changes to your usual routine yet… right? Maybe it is because you do not know how to set realistic goals for yourself, or, you have a goal set but it seems so far away, so impossible, that getting started feels pretty pointless.

If that is you, well then there is a way around it, I promise!

Take a moment to think about what your goals are, big or small. An example of a big goal would be to run a marathon. A small goal would be to run for 15 minutes in one go, whatever the pace.

Now you have your big goal in mind, take time to think about how you could split that into smaller manageable chunks.

There is a handy acronym to help you with your goals.

S – M – A – R – T

And these letters stand for;

They are pretty easy to understand, but using this acronym could help you decide on each chunk of goal to get you to where you want to be.

Reach Your Fitness Goals

Maybe you want to horseride again in your 40’s, but haven’t since a teenager and various accidents and/or injuries make you feel incapable. Your first SMART goal could be to be able perform body weight squats to improve your ability to weight bear on your thighs and then be able to hold yourself effectively in the stirrups. You could start with ten bodyweight squats three times a week for a couple of months. That would be specific, and measurable, as well as achievable, realistic, and timely. When you have reached that first small goal, you can then decide what the next thing is you need to get to that ultimate goal. You can have two or three smaller goals at the same time, as long as they don’t overwhelm you and lead to burn out. With the horse riding goal, you could work on squats, alongside walking further to improve your cardiovascular fitness, along with some hip mobility and flexibility to aid mounting and dismounting.

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